1 - Wire Resetter Full Version
Артикул: 1Wire
Наличие: Are available.
Гарантия: Year
Единица: шт.
  • Размер: 229b
  • Теги: 1-Wire full programmer, Lexmark Zeroing, 1-Wire Programmer, Zeroing Minolta

    Updated collection of dumps for all brands at once link

    - Both ORIGINAL CRUM modules and EMULATORS are programmed.
    - The number of firmware is unlimited.
    - Internet is not needed.
    - Firmware does not need to be bought separately.
    - A wide selection of supported devices using DS2502, DS2430, DS2431, DS2432, DS2433, DSQ8.
    - Support for reading and writing the ORIGINAL chip, emulator, the ability to edit data, save it in bin-files and other set of functions.
    - The list of supported devices may be supplemented.
    - Interface language - Russian, English.
    - Support for Restore, Match teams

    The software has the unique function of unlocking the original DS2431 / DS2432 / DSQ8 chips blocked by configuration bytes, CRUM modules that go in the original Minolta, Epson, Xerox printer cartridges, etc.

    Konica-Minolta bizhub C203 (Bl / M / C / Y)
    Konica-Minolta bizhub C203 (Drum Chip)
    Konica-Minolta bizhub C253 (Bl / M / C / Y)
    Konica-Minolta bizhub C253 (Drum Chip)
    Konica-Minolta bizhub C250
    Konica-Minolta bizhub C252
    Konica-Minolta bizhub C300
    Konica-Minolta bizhub C352
    Konica-Minolta bizhub C450
    Konica-Minolta bizhub C451 (Drum)
    Konica-Minolta bizhub C550 (Drum)
    Konica-Minolta bizhub C650 (Drum)

    Konica-Minolta MC1600 (Bl / M / C / Y)
    Konica-Minolta MC1650 (Bl / M / C / Y)
    Konica-Minolta MC1680 (Bl / M / C / Y)
    Konica-Minolta MC1690 (Bl / M / C / Y)
    Konica-Minolta MC4650 (Bl / M / C / Y)
    Konica-Minolta MC4650 (Drum Chip)
    Konica-Minolta MC4690 (Bl / M / C / Y)
    Konica-Minolta MC4690 (Drum Chip)
    Konica-Minolta MC4695 (Bl / M / C / Y)
    Konica-Minolta MC4695 (Drum Chip)
    Konica-Minolta MC8650 (Bl / M / C / Y)
    Konica-Minolta MC8650 (Drum Chip)
    Konica-Minolta MC2400
    Konica-Minolta MC2430
    Konica-Minolta MC2450
    Konica-Minolta MC2480
    Konica-Minolta MC2490
    Konica-Minolta MC2500
    Konica-Minolta MC2530
    Konica-Minolta MC2550
    Konica-Minolta MC5430
    Konica-Minolta MC5440
    Konica-Minolta MC5450
    Konica-Minolta MC7450
    Konica-Minolta MC7450 (Drum)

    Konica-Minolta PP1300
    Konica-Minolta PP1350
    Konica-Minolta PP1380
    Konica-Minolta PP1390
    Konica-Minolta PP1400
    Konica-Minolta PP1450

    Lexmark E-120
    Lexmark E-220
    Lexmark E-321
    Lexmark E-323
    Lexmark E-230
    Lexmark E-232
    Lexmark E-234
    Lexmark E-238
    Lexmark E-240
    Lexmark E-320
    Lexmark E-330
    Lexmark E-332
    Lexmark E-340
    Lexmark E-250
    Lexmark E-350
    Lexmark E-450
    Lexmark X-340
    Lexmark X-342
    Lexmark X-642
    Lexmark T-420
    Lexmark T-430
    Lexmark T-520
    Lexmark T-522
    Lexmark T-620
    Lexmark T-622
    Lexmark T-630
    Lexmark T-640
    Lexmark T-644

    Xerox phaser
    Xerox Phaser-6115
    Xerox Phaser-6120
    Xerox Phaser-6121 (Bl / M / C / Y)

    Epson EPL-6200
    Epson Acu Laser-C1600, CX16NF (Bl / M / C / Y)


    Dell 1700
    And many other CRUM modules using DS2502, DS2430, DS2431, DS2432, DS2433, DSQ8