Unlimited Firmware Generator FixMaker V3.2
Артикул: FixMaker V3.2
Наличие: Are available.
Гарантия: 12 месяцев.
Единица: шт.
  • Размер: b
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    Several outdated model names apart from modifications in one fixmaker 3.2 generator.

    Using this generator, you can create an unlimited number of firmware for the Samsung printers and MFPs listed below.

    Samsung SCX-3200/3205/3207 v3.00.01.07U
    Samsung SCX-3200/3205/3207 v3.00.01.07NU
    Samsung SCX-3200/3205/3207 v3.00.01.08U
    Samsung SCX-3200/3205/3207 v3.00.01.08NU
    Samsung SCX-3200/3205/3207 v3.00.01.09NU
    Samsung SCX-3200/3205/3207 v3.00.01.10NU
    Samsung ML-1860/1865 v1.xx.00.18U
    Samsung ML-1860/1865 v1.xx.00.18NU
    Samsung ML-1860/1865 v1.xx.00.19NU
    Samsung ML-1860/1865 v1.xx.00.24U
    Samsung ML-1660/1665 v1.xx.00.24NU
    Samsung ML-1670/1675/1677 v1.xx.00.04U
    Samsung ML-1670/1675/1677 v1.xx.00.04NU
    Samsung ML-1670/1675/1677 v1.xx.00.07U
    Samsung ML-1670/1675/1677 v1.xx.00.07U
    Samsung ML-1865W v3.00.01.06U
    Samsung SCX-4600 / 4623F v2.01.00.99NU
    Samsung SCX-4600 / 4623F v2.01.01.01NU
    Samsung SCX-4824FN v01.01.94.36NU
    Samsung SCX-4824FN v01.01.94.36U
    Samsung SCX-4824FN v01.01.00.45NU
    Samsung SCX-4824FN v01.01.00.45U
    Samsung SCX-4833FD v02.00.01.11NU