Samsung Xpress M2675FN код ошибки
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  • Code: A1–1110
  • Display:Error #A1-1110 Turn off then on
  • Description:After working the main BLDC motor, the Ready signal has not occurred within 1 sec.
  • Remedy:First, turn the machine off then on. If the error persists, refer to the following. 1) Check if the motor connector on the main board is connected properly. Reconnect it. 2) OPC coupler has overloaded. After removing the toner cartridge, rotate the OPC coupler. (Spec : 6 If there is any damage, the OPC coupler can’t rotate well. Replace the toner cartridge. 3) The main BLDC motor is defective. - Unplug the connector from the motor carefully. - Replace the main BLDC motor with new one. 4) If the problem persists, replace the main board.
  • Code: C1–1410
  • Display:Install toner cartridge
  • Description:The toner cartridge is not installed. / The machine can’t detect the toner cartridge.
  • Remedy:1) Turn the machine off then on. 2) Remove the toner cartridge. Thoroughly roll the cartridge five or six times to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge. And reinstall the toner cartridge. 3) Check if the CRUM contact area is contaminated. Clean it.
  • Code: C1–1510
  • Display:Not Compatible Toner cartridge
  • Description:Toner cartridge is not compatible.
  • Remedy:1) Print the supply information report. Check information of the toner cartridge. 2) If the toner cartridge is not a Samsung genuine toner cartridge, replace with new one.
  • Code: C2–1110, C2–1120, C1–1140
  • Display:Prepare new cartridge Replace new cartridge Replace new cartridge
  • Description:The remaining toner cartridge is less than 10% / The toner cartridge is at the end of its life.
  • Remedy:Print the supply information report. (Menu > System Setup > Maintenance > Supplies Life) Check the life remaining of the toner cartridge. If its life is at the end, turn the machine off and replace the toner cartridge with new one.
  • Code: M1–1010

  • Display:Paper Jam in Tray1
  • Description:The jammed paper has occurred in the tray.
  • Remedy:1) First, clear the jam. - 2) Remove the tray. Check if the loaded paper is in proper place. Align it. 3) If the jammed paper occurred before entering it to the retard roller, check the Sheet Retard / Pickup roller / Forward roller / CST Knock up / CST Knock up Spring. 4) If the jammed paper occurred after entering it to the retard roller, check the Ribs in paper path.
  • Code: M1–5012
  • Display:Paper Empty in Tray
  • Description:Paper is empty in tray. / Paper is loaded in tray but the machine detects empty status.
  • Remedy:1) If there is a jammed paper, first clear the jam. - 2) Load the paper in tray. 3) Check if the empty actuator works normally. If it is defective or broken, replace it. 4) If the actuator operation is OK, check the empty sensor. Reconnect the sensor connector. If the sensor is defective, replace it.
  • Code: M2–1110
  • Display:Paper Jam inside machine
  • Description:A paper jam was detected at the feed sensor.
  • Remedy:1) Remove the jammed paper. If the error persists, check the followings. - 2) Check if the feed/regi sensor connector is connected properly. 3) Check if the regi./feed actuator works normally. If it is defective or broken, replace it.
  • Code: M2–2110, M2–2310
  • Display:Paper Jam top of duplex Paper Jam bottom of duplex
  • Description:A paper jam was detected in the duplex area.
  • Remedy:1) First, remove the jammed paper. - 2) Check if the paper in tray is loaded properly. Adjust the guide. Check the machine setting is normal for paper. 3) Check if the Guide-Change Duplex of the rear cover is defective or broken. Check if the rib form of the rear cover is normal.

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