Samsung SF5112 код ошибки
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  • Code: 01
  • Display:No power
  • Description:1. Check power is supplying 2. Check fuse F1 open
  • Remedy:1. If supplying power differs from machine’s power rating, replace the machine. 2. Replace it.
  • Code: 02
  • Display:Fuser Error
  • Description:1. Thermostat open 2. AC wire open 3. Thermistor wire open 4. Main PBA
  • Remedy:1. Detach AC connector and measure the resistane between pin 1 and 2. If it is megohm, thermostat is open, Replace it. 2. Check bad connector contact or wire is cut. 3. Check thermistor wire and its connection. 4. Replace Main PBA
  • Code: 03
  • Display:Cover open
  • Description:1. When close Side cover, check the lever is pressed 2. Micro switch’s contact 3. CPU and related circuit
  • Remedy:1. Open Side cover and press the lever with pen. If Controller detects cover close, there is some mechanical trouble in Side cover and lever’s assembly. If not so there is electrical problem.
  • Code: 04
  • Display:Jam 0
  • Description:Check where Jam 0 happens 1. Paper is not picked up 2. Paper is located in feed sensor 3. Happened when inserting specific papers such as envelope into the MPF (Multipurpose Paper Feeder)? 4. Happened when inserting specific papers such as envelope into the Manual Feeder? 5. Is the Stacker Extender is folded out? 6. Does not the Guide Adjust distort the papers
  • Remedy:1. Check whether solenoid is working or not by using Engine test mode 2. Check feed sensor malfunction. 3. Re-try inserting a fewer papers. •fan the papers and align •take out the loaded papers and insert them reverse direction 4. Take out the loaded papers and insert them reverse direction •inserted papers as recommended for Manual Feeding? •When loading, tap the papers until paper detect sensor senses loading 5. When using long papers, use the Stacker Extender 6. Adjust Guide to fit the paper width
  • Code: 05

  • Display:Jam 1
  • Description:Paper is stopped in just after of fuser unit.
  • Remedy:1. It is mostly resulted from double feeding. Check paper is well stocked in feeder. 2. Check feed actuator position and actuator’s operating. There may be stiff movind or double reflection. If not so, check the operation of feed sensor by Engine test mode. 3. Check exit lever operation. Remore jam and check actuator moving by hand. If actuator is too stiff, paper is wrapped around the heat roller. Remove obstacles or replace.
  • Code: 06
  • Display:Jam 2
  • Description:Check where Jam 2 happens 1. Paper is curled and cannot exit. 2. Paper is curled in the exit cover?.
  • Remedy:1. Remove paper using pinset or some tool and watch if separate claws have any troble. Clean around fuser. 2. Check locking works wells. Watch whether the ribs of exit cover hace any burr or resisitive edge. If they do, remove obstacles or replace.
  • Code: 07
  • Display:Jam 2 at face-down tray
  • Description:1. Then paper is not drawn in because of the stack of papers in the Out tray. 2. Does it curl while coming out?
  • Remedy:1. Load recommended quantity of papers 2. Open the Cover Front and check whether roller or spring, which are related to paper out, is not out of position. If so, re-locate or replace.
  • Code: 08
  • Display:Clutch error
  • Description:1. Check the spring of solenoid 2. Check the armature assembly/cushion 3. Electrical check
  • Remedy:1. Check whether the spring is expanded or not. 2. Check armature is well installed. It may be unstable assemble. 3. Remove the Main PBA.

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