Samsung SCX6555N код ошибки
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  • Code: -
  • Display:[Side/Main] Door is open. Close it
  • Description:The side door or main door is open.
  • Remedy:1. Open and close the door. If the message is not disappeared, check the below steps. 2. Check that the door switch is pushed. 3. Check that the Ui message is chaged by door switch action. 4. Check the door switch signal on EDC mode.
  • Code: -
  • Display:Did not supply enough toner. Please open/close door
  • Description:Not supplied toner to the imaging unit.
  • Remedy:1. Check the Toner supply Motor is driving 2. Check the toner supply shutter is working out properly. 3. Check the toner supply entrance is closed. 4. Check the Toner supply pipe is closed. 5. Check the T/C sensor 6. Check TC sensor ADC of the Engine B/D
  • Code: -
  • Display:Exit door of scanner is open
  • Description:DADA exit door is open
  • Remedy:Close the DADF door.
  • Code: -
  • Display:Fax memory is almost full. Print or remove received fax job.
  • Description:There is no more available fax memory. No more fax data can be received.
  • Remedy:Delete the received fax data in the memory to secure memory.
  • Code: -
  • Display:Fuser unit is not installed correctly. Install it.
  • Description:The fuser unit is not installed or correctly
  • Remedy:Install the fuser unit.
  • Code: -
  • Display:Imaging unit is not installed. Install it
  • Description:The imaging unit is not tinstalled, or the CRUM in the cartridge is not connected.
  • Remedy:Replace the imaging unit.
  • Code: -
  • Display:Imaging unit is worn. Replace with new one
  • Description:The imaging unit is at the end of its life.
  • Remedy:Replace the imaging unit.
  • Code: -
  • Display:Network cable is disconnected. Check it
  • Description:Network cable is disconnected
  • Remedy:Re-connect the Network cable. If the problem persists, replace it.

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