Samsung SCX4826FN код ошибки
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  • Code: 01
  • Display:[COMM. Error]
  • Description:The machine has a communication problem.
  • Remedy:Ask the sender to try again.
  • Code: 02
  • Display:[Incompatible]
  • Description:The machine has received a fax from which is registered as a junk fax.
  • Remedy:The received fax data will be deleted.
  • Code: 03
  • Display:[Line Error]
  • Description:Your machine cannot connect with the receiving fax machine or has lost contact because of a problem with the phone line.
  • Remedy:Try again. If the problem persists, wait an hour or so for the line to clear and try again. Or, turn the ECM mode on.
  • Code: 04
  • Display:[No Answer]
  • Description:The receiving fax machine has not answered after several redial attempts.
  • Remedy:Try again. Make sure that the receiving machine is operational.
  • Code: 05

  • Display:[Stop Pressed]
  • Description:Stop/Clear has been pressed during an operation.
  • Remedy:Try again.
  • Code: 06
  • Display:[yyy] Paper Empty
  • Description:There is no paper in the tray.
  • Remedy:Load paper in the tray.
  • Code: 07
  • Display:[yyy] Paper Mismatch
  • Description:The paper size specified in the printer properties does not match the paper you are loading.
  • Remedy:Load correct paper in the tray.
  • Code: 08
  • Display:Authentication Failure
  • Description:The ID or password you entered is incorrect.
  • Remedy:Enter the correct ID or password.

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