Samsung SCX4650 код ошибки
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  • Code: C1-1510
  • Display:Not compatible Toner cartridge
  • Description:Toner cartridge is not compatible.
  • Remedy:1) Replace the toner cartridge as Samsung genuine one.
  • Code: C2-1110, C2-1120, C2-1140
  • Display:Prepare new toner cartridge. Replace new cartridge. Replace new cartridge.
  • Description:The remaining toner cartridge is less than 10% / The toner cartridge is at the end of its life.
  • Remedy:Print the supply information report. Check the life remaining of the toner cartridge. If its life is at the end, turn the machine off and replace the toner cartridge with new one.
  • Code: C2-1410, C2-1710, C2-1711, C2-1712
  • Display:Install cartridge. Error: # Call for Service
  • Description:The toner cartridge is not installed. / The machine can’t detect the toner cartridge.
  • Remedy:1) Check if the toner cartridge is installed. If it is OK, turn the machine off then on. 2) If the error message is not disappear, remove the toner cartridge. Thoroughly roll the cartridge five or six times to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge. And reinstall the toner cartridge. 3) If the problem persists, check that the CRUM contact area is contaminated. Clean it. 4) If the problem persists, replace the toner cartridge with new one.
  • Code: M2-1110, M2-1116
  • Display:Paper jam inside machine. Paper jam or empty
  • Description:A paper jam was detected at the feed sensor.
  • Remedy:1) Check if paper is on tray. 2) Remove the jammed paper. (Refer to 4.1.3 Jam removal) 3) If the jammed paper occurs continually, check the followings. a) Check if the pick up rubber is worn out or contaminated. Clean the contaminated part or replace it. b) Check if the connector is connected to the feed sensor PBA correctly. c) Check if the actuator is assembled correctly. d) If the connection and actuator are OK, replace the feed sensor PBA.
  • Code: M2-1317

  • Display:Paper Jam inside machine
  • Description:A paper jam was detected in the fuser unit area.
  • Remedy:1) Open the top cover. Remove the jammed paper. 2) Enter the tech mode. (Refer to 4.1.8) 3) Execute the “Wrap Jam Clear” (Data Setup > Wrap Jam Clear)
  • Code: S2-4110
  • Display:Door open. Close it.
  • Description:Top cover is open or the cover open switch is defective.
  • Remedy:1) Check if the top cover is closed perfectly. Open and close it. 2) Remove the right cover. Check if the connection between the main board and SMPS/HVPS board is correct. 3) Check if the cover open switch on SMPS/HVPS board is operated properly. If it is defective, replace the SMPS/HVPS board.
  • Code: S3-3121
  • Display:Scanner Locked.
  • Description:CIS unit in the scanner does not move.
  • Remedy:1) Check if the CIS unit moves when turning the machine off then on. 2) Check if the CIS cable is connected correctly. Reconnect it. 3) If the CIS unit is defective, replace it. 4) Check if there is any defective part in the scanner. Find and replace it. 5) If the problem persists, replace the main board.
  • Code: S6-3123
  • Display:Network Problem : IP Conflict
  • Description:Network has some problem. (IP address conflicts with that of other system. / Communication error / There is no response when checking the ping test.)
  • Remedy:Change the machine’s IP address. • Execute the Samsung Easy Printer Manager program. (Device setting - Network - IP address). Change the IP address. • In case of DHCP or Bootp, reboot the machine to receive a new IP address.

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