Samsung SF331P код ошибки
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  • Code: 01
  • Display:Display Adjust scanner first in Maintenance menu
  • Description:The shading waveform to be used as a reference is corrupted due to unknown reason. Adjust the scanner to fix this problem
  • Causes:Scanner
  • Code: 02
  • Display:Check white paper document and try again
  • Description:The scanning level is too low to compare with reference level. To adjust shading, you should use the plain and white paper.
  • Causes:Scanner
  • Code: 03
  • Display:Clean white roller, glass and try again
  • Description:The scanning level is slightly low, which can affect the image quality. To clean concerned parts
  • Causes:Scanner
  • Code: 04
  • Display:Duplicated with [Speed No.xx ] The xx indicates the location number.
  • Description:The same number has already been registered into another speed dial location.
  • Causes:Telephone
  • Code: 05

  • Display:Exceeded Job Memory Cancel scheduled job and try again
  • Description:The broadcasting and delayed fax can hold 5 jobs in total. Cancel scheduled job and try again.
  • Causes:Fax
  • Code: 06
  • Display:Exceeded Total Message Memory
  • Description:The machine can hold up to 100 messages (OGM + ICM + recorded conversations). Erase old messages to make a room in the memory.
  • Causes:TAM (SF-335T only)
  • Code: 07
  • Display:ICM Memory Full
  • Description:The voice memory is full. No more caller’s messages can be recorded (Total recording time is about 15 minutes).
  • Causes:TAM (SF-335T only)
  • Code: 08
  • Display:Ink Low.Install new ink cartridge
  • Description:The print cartridge has run out of ink. To install a new Print Car- tridge, see "Replacing the print cartridge" on page 4.16. Although this message is displayed, you can make a copy or print a report. But, stored data in memory can be printed by changing the cartridge.
  • Causes:Cartridge

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