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New firmware for printers Samsung, Xerox, HP

The firmware market in 2020 is developing and updating at an amazing rate.

Literally every month, new models of printers and MFPs appear, which you can reflash and wean once and for all from the chips.

This year, already to the usual three brands that could be reflashed, namely Samsung, Xerox and Dell, a new one was added and this is HP.

Not all HP printers and MFPs can be reflashed, but only those made on the basis of Samsung.

Suspended state with new printers and Xerox MFPs was also allowed by the release of the new Xerox B line, this series is also flashed without any problems.

 Unfortunately, we are a little behind and do not have time to add all the models to the online generator, but at the same time we have them, the prices are in accordance with your tariff plans in the online generator.

Prices are retail. For wholesale buyers and regular customers very good discounts!

New firmware models:

HP Color Laser 150A and HP Color Laser 150NW - 13$

Xerox B210, Xerox B205, Xerox B215 - 13$

Samsung SL-C430 / SL-C430W - 7.9$ 

Samsung SL-C480 / SL-C480FW - 20$

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